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We select upper career exceptional women from multiple industries, develop and mentor them with customized guidance and executive coaching to propel them to sustainable success - one woman at a time - they are our Exceptional Women Awardees 


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Talented Upper Career and Diverse Women

Renee James

CEO Ampere, Former President Intel, Board Member Oracle, Vodafone, Citibank

Shellye Archambeau

Former CEO MetricStream, Board Member Verizon, Nordstrom

Elizabeth Tumulty

Former President CBS Affiliates 

Nina Richardson

Former COO GoPro, Board Member Silicon Labs, Resideo, Willow, Mythic, ExploraMedV, Cohu

Joyce Russell

Former President and COO Adecco Staffing USA

Marshall Goldsmith​

The World's Preeminent Executive Coach (WSJ, The Economist, The Times of London, Forbes, Fast Company), Author of multiple books including ​“How Women Rise” by Sally Helgesen & Marshall Goldsmith

Kelly J. Watson ​

Former National Service Group Leader of KPMG's U.S. and Americas Risk Consulting Practice, leading a team of more than 4,500 partners and professionals who provide the risk and compliance insights organizations need to protect themselves and grow.

Christina Seelye

Founder and CEO of Maximum Games, a Top 20 video game company named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc. Magazine and the San Francisco Business Times for the last four consecutive years, 


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Exceptional Women Awardees are... 
  1. Exceptional women
  2. Who walk the road less traveled

  3. Live a life of integrity

  4. Are willing to be mentored by the EWA Mentor Liaisons during the period of the EWA year and thereafter if she joins, as an EWA Alumna.

  5. Agree to join the EWA Alumnae group, take what she has learned in her Award year, and mentor those who come after her.

Larraine has an extensive network and credibility and makes that available to these very special chosen women. They receive personalized coaching and advice with one-on-one mentoring. They in turn, extend their networks and know-how to those in the group. Once the 'graduating cohort' joins the alumnae, the group continues in perpetuity - and creates its own leadership to support the EWA Foundation so that they are not dependent on Larraine for their sustainability. When a woman gains economic security, her family, community and the world benefits.


Changing Lives , One Woman At A Time, Through A Proven Professional and Personal Executive Development  Mentoring System


Once upon a time, a serial entrepreneur and immigrant to the USA, Larraine Segil decided to take her decades of experience and pay it forward to future generations of women who had some of her same challenges of "being exceptional but different."

Her goal was to guide and connect them. She endowed the educational institutions that educated her and selected mid-career Exceptional Women Who Walked the Road Less Traveled from those places annually. They called themselves the Larraine Segil Scholars (or LSS). These women learned from Larraine how to guide, connect and mentor each other and yearned to pay this knowledge forward to others while progressing in their own careers. That is why this public foundation Exceptional Women Awardees (EWA)  was founded. The LSS are the Founders of the EWA.

EWA's are connected with a Mentor Liaison who accesses the entire network of mentors (and EWA's and EWA Alums) as needed for their award year. The Awardee not only benefits in her own career, but she also learns how to do this and joins the Alumnae group to pass her knowledge on to those who follow. The ladder of success for our women is always moving in both directions - reaching up and reaching down.



If you are selected as an Awardee (EWA) you will participate in a year long program of career advice, retreats, educational workshops and one on one mentoring and you learn how to pay it forward as an alumna.


Larraine Segil is a South African-born entrepreneur, attorney, adviser, lecturer, author, board member and cheese maker! She is renowned as the leading Guru in Strategic Alliances having written 5 books on the topic and built (and sold) the leading Consultancy in the area after being CEO of entrepreneurial companies in Health Care and Aerospace Advanced Materials Distribution. She taught Executive Education on Alliances at Caltech for 24 years. She is  a Professor at Southwestern Law School on Business Alliances, and is a Professor in the Straus Center Masters Program in Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine ( #1 in the USA). Her Mentoring Methodology for EWA Is proprietary and brings her partnering expertise into a metrics driven, year - long  program which has proven results. Segil was a member of the Board of Frontier Communications ( 2005 -2017) a Fortune 200 company.

In 2009, Segil was appointed to the board of the World Health Organization (WHO) Tropical Diseases Group (TDR) in Geneva, Switzerland. She is the past chair of the C200 Foundation, and past vice chair of the C200 Governing Board, the premier global group of over 500 Women CEO's, and a member of APCO Worldwide International Advisory Council (IAC).She is Former Chairman of the Board of Kandela, A Digital Concierge Company, CEO of The Little Farm Company, a Los Angeles based family holding  urban farming company. Segil has been a commentator for CNN and CNBC and has been featured in Fast Company magazine and Bloomberg Business

Larraine is a renaissance woman. Her passion is to enable, empower, and inspire women leaders of the future from high school to graduate school and, more important, beyond school through their lives and careers. She has committed to put her extensive network, expertise in partnering and global reach to work to assist each of the outstanding women who are her scholars, foundation awardees and alumnae, in their careers, with their commitment to assist each other and future generations of aspiring women leaders after them. This unique approach to philanthropy is hands on, one on one, and generates a level of growth rarely seen in any mentoring program. She holds a BA, BA Honors in Classics, Juris Doctorate from Southwestern School of Law, and MBA degree from the Presidential Key Executive MBA Program at Pepperdine.