EWA raises funds to support scholarships for women leaders whose organizations cannot or will not support them



Once upon a time, a serial entrepreneur and immigrant to the USA, Larraine Segil decided to take her decades of experience and pay it forward to future generations of women who had some of her same challenges of "being exceptional but different."

Her goal was to guide and connect them. She endowed the educational institutions that educated her and selected upper career Exceptional Women Who Walked the Road Less Traveled from those places annually. They called themselves the Larraine Segil Scholars (or LSS). These women learned from Larraine how-to guide, connect and mentor each other and yearned to pay this knowledge forward to others while progressing in their own careers. That is why this Non-Profit Public Foundation, Exceptional Women Awardees (EWA)  was founded. The LSS are the Founders of the EWA.

​Larraine approached some of the world's leading companies and asked them if they wanted their high potential, high-level women to be enabled to rise even further in their organizations through the EWA Proprietary Metrics Driven Mentoring and Executive Coaching group by volunteer C-level Executives, and if so, if they would support this program?

The answer was a resounding 'yes'.

KPMG, Adecco, Intel, Korn Ferry, Amgen, UBS, ITV Studios America, Frontier Communications, White & Case Lawyers and many more nominated their women executives, and continue to do so.

Some women whose companies would not support them, nominated themselves.

EWA raised scholarships to enable a public sector woman to join each cohort ( LAPD, FBI and more)

The Awardee not only benefits in her own career, but she also learns how to coach and mentor, and joins the Alumnae group to pass her knowledge on to those who follow. The ladder of success for our women is always moving in both directions - reaching up and reaching down.



Larraine Segil is a South African-born entrepreneur, attorney, adviser, lecturer, author, board member, and cheesemaker! She is renowned as the leading Guru in Strategic Alliances having written 5 books on the topic and built (and sold) the leading Consultancy in the area after being CEO of entrepreneurial companies in Health Care and Aerospace Advanced Materials Distribution. She taught Executive Education on Alliances at Caltech for 24 years. She is a Professor at Southwestern Law School on Business Alliances and has been a Professor in the Straus Center Masters Program in Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine ( #1 in the USA). Her Mentoring Methodology for EWA is proprietary and brings her partnering expertise into a metrics-driven, year-long program that has proven results. Segil was a member of the Board of Frontier Communications ( 2005 -2017) a Fortune 200 company.

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What is the Award?

The accepted Candidate is awarded participation in a  customized and personalized Executive Coaching and Mentoring Program. She will have a dedicated Mentor who also acts as a liaison to the entire network of over 35 industries, using a proprietary metrics-driven in person and online Mentoring Program. As a graduate she joins the Alumnae, enabling her to be mentored for life! Download PDF for more information

What are the Benefits for the Candidate, her Company and Community?

Her C level Mentor provides 9 in person days and twice a month Zoom mentor sessions,  metrics-based, intensive and one-on-one. She interacts with a cohort of high potential, high-level women leaders from multiple industries, accessing the growing network of EWA's as well as globally recognized women leaders in multiple CEO popups during her program. When she becomes an alumna, she is mentored for life. Our customized Individual Mentoring and Coaching for our EWA's guides her on how to move up in the corporate or organizational environment as well as giving her advice on balancing career, personal, physical for best outcomes leading to higher productivity for the employer. Society benefits when women rise, as the statistics of only 29% of all employees in mid-career roles who are women and a paltry 3.5% of CEO’s who are women, are bad for business. Download PDF for more information


A Message to All in Our Communities, Our Supporters, Sponsors,  Friends and Families

The Exceptional Women Awardees Foundation is about parity of opportunity – for all genders, races, ethnicity, and religious groups – we believe everyone should be treated with respect and dignity. Racism and inequality have no place here at EWA.

Our heartfelt condolences go out to the broader communities, families and loved ones that have been impacted by this situation.

We are saddened to see the disharmony in our country and the world today and hold strongly to the hope that the harmony in our diverse sisterhood where we mentor, support and care for each other, can influence others to do the same. Our women leaders are pledged to be the best leaders that we can be, inclusive of all, leading with integrity and a strong value system of what is right and what is wrong. We lead by example. Words are easy. Actions are not.

It is our goal that our influence as leaders in our organizations and communities, continues to cause others to treat each person with respect, parity and empathy as we lead by example. That is indeed the spirit of EWA and how we live our lives and what we expect from all our sisters in our network.

As we see the turmoil around our communities, we, as EWA, come together as a community of diverse women leaders and support one another. Our values stand firm against any form of hatred and bigotry and we continue to provide our sisterhood an environment where all our sisters in the network are welcome, embraced and remain truly exceptional.

We count among our EWAs women who have devoted their lives to the service and protection of others, our community and our country and we honor their service and integrity and the pain and danger that they are facing as they do their jobs with honor and restraint.

Together we are strong and can bring about change for the good.

Larraine Segil,

Founder, Chair and CEO

The Exceptional Women Awardees Foundation (EWA)


The Board of Directors of EWA

We are the #1 Executive Mentoring Collaborative For Women

We change lives, one woman at a time, through a proven professional and personal executive development mentoring system.

We select upper career exceptional women from multiple industries, develop and mentor them with customized guidance and executive coaching to propel them to sustainable success - one woman at a time - they are our Exceptional Women Awardees.

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