We Change Lives, One Woman At A Time -

Through  A Proven Professional and Personal Executive Development Mentoring System

EWA raises funds to support scholarships for women leaders whose organizations cannot or will not support them


There are not enough women in leadership positions across all industries and sectors of life

  • "Women's participation in the workforce dwindles during the mid-career stage, from 46% at entry level to a mere 29% by the time they reach VP status, a 17% decrease. 93% of highly qualified women who leave want to return to their careers, but find it difficult to do so"*

  • We enable upper career women to envisage the future of work to become more sustainable in a data analytics, machine learning world**

We enable women to rise into higher positions of leadership with personal and professional holistic coaching


We select upper career exceptional women from multiple industries and coach and mentor them HOLISTICALLY with Professional and Personal guidance, to propel them to sustainable success - one woman at a time - they are our Exceptional Women Awardees - EWA


We are women active in multiple industries who dedicate our time, experience and contacts to guide and mentor the Exceptional Women Awardees


We are inspired by Larraine Segil who created us - The Larraine Segil Scholars - LSS and now the Founders of the EWA


Benefits for the EWA:

  • Participate in a yearlong metrics based, intensive one-on-one mentoring program

  • Interact/connect with a cohort of high potential, high level women leaders from multiple industries

  • Mentoring by one or more women leaders from multiple industries

  • Education on hot topics at each Cohort’s option (changes each year) e.g. AI and Human/Machine Interface and its effect on management, Financial Wellness

  • Interaction wherever possible with globally recognized women leaders (e.g. members of the Advisory Board, or Speakers introduced by Larraine Segil)

  • Connections developed where and if appropriate, to add value inside or outside of her industry

  • Conflict Resolution skills along with Collaboration Skills

  • Learning a successful and tested Mentoring process with which to mentor those of all genders within her own organization leading to a more collaborative workplace

  • Connection and potential membership in a select elite group of women leaders through the EWA alums over her lifetime



  • Customized Individual Mentoring of a high potential high-level woman leader

  • Guidance for a valuable contributor on how to move up in the corporate or organizational environment

  • Advice on balancing career, personal, physical for best outcomes leading to higher productivity for the employer

  • Conflict Resolution skills along with Collaboration Skills creating better leadership and managerial qualities

  • Over a 5-year period if a Diamond Sponsor, a cohort of 5 (or more) women leaders able and willing to use their learning within the company and move up in the corporate or organizational environment. They will have an external network of mentors and once they join the alumnae group, EWA alums from whom to garner advice and honest feedback on all issues – corporate, strategic, individual, personal, physical, with perspectives from over 30 different industries

  • With Multiple Candidates as EWAs from the same company in different EWA cohorts, a positive productive network within the company of women who have significant skills supported by C-level Mentor Liaisons.

  • Executives who learn a successful and well tested method of mentoring to pass on to colleagues of all genders within their organizations

  • Industries Represented: Health Care Management, OBGYN, Critical Care, Family Medicine, Physical Therapy, Biotech, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Retail, Technology, Entertainment, Patent and Intellectual Property law, Entertainment Law, Labor and Employment law (Employer side), On line learning, Ultrasound High Tech, Food Manufacturing and products, Financial Services, Banking, Airline Industry, Consulting, Executive Search,  Animal Genomics and many more


Benefits for Our Community and Society

The statistics of only 29% of all employees in mid-career roles who are women and a paltry 3.5% of CEO’s who are women are bad for business. We are changing the statistics one woman at a time. EWA women will move up in their organizations or in other organizations, and if they join the EWA Alumnae, will be supported by EWA women in other industries and functions, creating a groundswell of female leaders who, over the next 10-20 years will change the statistics for the better.

Benefits for  Sponsors and EWA and the Community