Founders of EWA

What does our Mentor Program Prepare You to Do?

  • We coach you on the specific characteristics that a recent ACCENTURE study [1]says identify women as potential CEO’s early in their careers, even if you are in the latter part of your career so that you can be DISCOVERED NOW!

  • If you join the EWA Alumnae after graduating then we are with you for the LONG TERM and will ask you to put your life plan up on the online site annually so that your Mentor Liaison and the network can support you in your dreams!

  • We tell you that YOU CAN BE CEO if that is your ambition, and help you to SEE YOURSELF IN THAT ROLE (over 60% of women don’t visualize themselves in that role)

  • We encourage you to get out of a staff position and into a P&L position

  • We help you develop the following skills:

Manage the politics of your organization to rise in leadership

Have difficult conversations and manage challenging people

Deal with men and women who are not supportive and and may be blocking your rise in the organization

  • And The Normal Leadership Skills:

Engage and inspire people to achieve the company’s objectives 

Build effective teams

Develop talent - to meet individual as well as organizational goals

Direct Work – clear direction, removing obstacles so that work gets done efficiently

Courage – stepping up to address difficult issues and say what needs to be said

Manage ambiguity -operating effectively even when things are uncertain

  • We help you evaluate your existing sponsors within your organization and find new ones if appropriate

  • We help you understand there are MANY WAYS to get to your goal

Looking for the next challenge

Getting an enterprise perspective

Focus on building new business

Focus on pursuing a path and avoiding distractions

  • We encourage (insist) that you become good in finance, operations

  • We help you learn how to manage a board and external stakeholders (Wall Street Analysts, Activists and more)

  • We help you understand that you may have to MOVE INTO A DIFFERENT DIVISION to MOVE UP

  • Results don’t always mean promotion – it’s who you know and who knows you and what you know and who knows what you know – we help you MAP your stakeholders