Diana Hoff, Senior Vice President Operations with Antero Resources selected as a Fall 2021 Awardee

Diana Hoff serves as Senior Vice President Operations with Antero Resources in addition to serving as an Advisory Board Member for the Colorado Oil & Gas Association and as Director of the Unconventional Group. As a senior executive with decades of experience in the oil & gas industry, Diana is known for building productive cultures, establishing risk-mitigating operational frameworks, and setting the direction that enables business objectives.

“To say Diana is exceptional is an understatement. In a traditionally male-dominated industry, she has climbed the ranks with her charismatic leadership tactics, wit, and deep understanding of a very technical and fast-paced trade,” said Larraine Segil, Chair and CEO of EWA. “She has persevered through some extremely challenging environments, shaping the woman she is today which is why we know that what she brings to the table at EWA, is powerful.”

“Diana brings her West Virginia roots and work ethic to the job each day. Her knowle