Tamara Cora, VP Finance Quantcast, has been selected as a Spring 2021 EWA Awardee

The Exceptional Women Awardees Foundation today announced that, after interviews with multiple candidates, Tamara Cora, VP Finance, Quantcast, has been inducted into the Spring 2021 Exceptional Women Awardee Cohort. “Tamara’s impressive career has seen her rise to become one of the most senior leaders within Quantcast, a top global advertising technology company. She has the strategic vision, management experience, and agility essential to fast-growth technology companies and we know that she will ascend even farther as a leader," commented Larraine Segil, Chair and CEO of The Exceptional Women Awardees Foundation.

Imad Tareen, Chief Financial Officer at Quantcast said: “Tamara is a strong partner to me as CFO. She possesses a natural curiosity to understand the root of issues and is not afraid to ask direct questions where others might hesitate. She questions why things are done as they are, and challenges herself, her team, and her business partners to understand the purpose and impact of their work. Creating shared mission and clarity around expectations is something Tamara excels at. With her leadership, her teams are benchmarks of excellence within Quantcast.”

“I’m honored and excited to be selected to join the Spring 2021 Exceptional Wome