McKinsey finds the Business Case for Diversity is even more compelling than before

Our latest study of diversity in the workplace, Delivering through diversity, reaffirms the global relevance of the link between diversity—defined as a greater proportion of women and a more mixed ethnic and cultural composition in the leadership of large companies—and company financial outperformance. The new analysis expands on our 2015 report, Why diversity matters, by drawing on an enlarged data set of more than 1,000 companies covering 12 countries, measuring not only profitability (in terms of earnings before interest and taxes, or EBIT) but also longer-term value creation (or economic profit), exploring diversity at different levels of the organization, considering a broader understanding of diversity (beyond gender and ethnicity), and providing insight into best practices.

Women in Technology are still lagging

The statistics for Women in Technology are bad - really bad. And they have only improved by 1% since 2017. The Exceptional Women Awardees Program changes those statistics - one woman at a time. Mentoring will make gender parity more likely but organizations have to identify their high potential women in tech and support their increasing excellence and visibility. EWA can help.

CEO Of Bumble talks about how studies on gender inequity are insufficient - we need a plan.

The Business Case (and Plan) for Gender Equality 

Whitney Wolfe Herd sounded an early alarm on Silicon Valley’s sexist culture in 2014 when she sued her former employer, the dating app Tinder, for discrimination and sexual harassment. Today she’s calling for concrete steps to improve gender inequities in the workplace.

60 minutes talks about Paradigm for Parity - making gender equality in equal pay for equal work

Salesforce CEO Marc Benihoff in a 60 minutes interview, talks about Paradigm for Parity - making gender equality in equal pay for equal work . Larraine Segil serves on the Steering Committee of Paradigm for Parity mentioned by one of the Co Chairs, Ellen Kuhlman former Chair and CEO of Dupont in this interview. And that is why EWA is so critical - we mentor mid career women to stay in the workplace, and move UP into senior leadership with equal pay and position.

When organizations foster equality, career advancement and pay advances for BOTH MEN AND WOMEN!

Accenture found that if organizations succeed in creating a workforce culture that fosters equality, they will not just accelerate career advancement and pay for women, they will also improve career progress for men. Getting to Equal 2018 groups the 40 factors into three categories and shows how organizations can take action in each: Our research found that achieving success in all three categories creates a virtuous circle, with each one enhancing the others so that, when combined, they deliver an even greater impact than they would in isolation. Together, they nurture a culture of purpose, accountability, belonging, trust and flexibility. BOLD LEADERSHIP A diverse leadership team that sets, shares and measures equality targets openly. COMPREHENSIVE ACTION Policies and practices that are family-friendly, support both genders and are bias-free in attracting and retaining people. AN EMPOWERING ENVIRONMENT One that trusts employees, respects individuals and offers freedom to be creative and to train and work flexibly.

MIT expert says that machine learning is showing that technology is often better at human judgment than humans are!

The promises and practical applications of artificial intelligence (AI) are here. In this interview with Andrew McAfee, principal research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and cofounder of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy, he explains how AI, and machine learning in particular, is quickly disrupting companies’ economic models, strategy, culture, and even the very nature of how they are structured and run. But there are opportunities for companies that can answer the call—and meet the needs and wants of consumers. 

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