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Sponsor One Exceptional Woman Awardee for One Year of Mentoring 

Initial 3 Day Retreat:

  • Meet and Define Career Goals

6 Meetings ( 9 days in Total) on

  • The Proprietary M.E.N.T.O.R. Process

    • Mapping​

    • Evaluation

    • No to No

    • Timing

    • Opportunities

    • Results

Plus 4 CEO popup sessions throughout the year

Optional education sessions

on topics chosen by your cohort

Final Retreat for Graduation and opportunity to join EWA Alums




Sponsor Two Exceptional Woman Awardees Each for One Year of Mentoring plus:

The Awardees will receive all benefits of the Entry Level



$15,000 annually for 5 years

Sponsor One Exceptional Woman Awardee each year for 5 consecutive years at the Entry Level plus:

Be featured on the EWA Website and Social Media as a Diamond Sponsor

Potential of an Invitation to the Advisory Board


$30,000 annually for 5 years

Two Upper Career Women Annually for 5 years

Be Honored Annually at the 

EWA Graduation

Potential of One on One Mentoring 


Larraine Segil 

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