Subash Samuels KPMG

I gained  a lot more than I had expected from the EWA program. I have been to many career advancement trainings and programs and the personal aspect to the EWA program far outperforms anything I have ever been to in not just my career but my life. The fact that I now have access to a group of women who have gone through the same experiences as myself and come from diverse backgrounds is simply phenomenal, I can finally breathe and feel accepted and supported. I learned more about myself (positively and negatively) and roadblocks I have than I have ever cared to admit before. I loved the insights shared by all the accomplished women we met as well as my fellow Cohort members.

Xochitl Monteon, Senior Director, Cyber Security, Intel Corporation

My Mentor Liaison is awesome!  We have had some great touch points and dialogue.  She is a great mentor and has been providing very valuable guidance.  With her guidance, support from the Cohort, and general support of EWA, my self-confidence has grown immensely.  Because of the support, my personal and professional discussions since I joined EWA have been much more intentional and meaningful. 

Linda Black, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer, Gallant, La Jolla, CA
EWA is a special group of women who have guided and supported me in both my career and my life. I am grateful and look forward to helping support other women in their unique journeys. This is a unique program unlike any other in that it is holistic, and for life.

Jahnai Bilovsky, Core BTS, Microsoft Program

At the beginning of the program:This program led to me to the recognition that I am not alone. There are intelligent, inspirational, and driven women out there that can be supportive to other women in a group setting. I feel so supported by this group in a way that I have never experienced before in my life. I appreciate all of their guidance and experience because it makes me feel connected and not isolated. I gained huge insight into the unique experiences each woman has had and even though we all have different backgrounds, industries, functions, personalities, positions, etc, we had the ability to relate to one another on a deeper level. It was easy to connect with each other in the nurturing, supportive environment that was created.  My Mentor Liaison is from the tech industry and really listened to my current business challenges and provided me with candid, valuable insight and feedback. 

Half way through the program: This program is unlike any other women's group I have experienced. While career aspirations are an important component of the EWA mentorship and development process, it is so much more than that.  This group of exceptional women motivate me to be a better all around woman - a more present spouse, a more sympathetic manager, a more engaged sister, and a more active mentor myself. I am provided an opportunity to reflect on the challenges I face in all capacities of life and this group of amazing women offer support and engagement to allow me the space to grow and be my best self. 

​                                                         Ana Luiza Rosario Sousa, White & Case LLP

The EWA retreat was incredible.The women in the room had so much in common despite coming from very diverse backgrounds and professions. I learned about the power of having a close-knit group with whom to share my life and career successes and obstacles.  I once heard a saying – “if you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.”  After spending a weekend with EWAs, Mentor Liaisons, Larraine Segil Scholars (LSS), and EWA founders, that saying has never rung truer.  The women with whom I interacted made me feel as if the sky is the limit if you dream big, work hard, and live a life of integrity. I was a bit intimidated going into the program because I am the youngest of the group, but I quickly realized that I was with a group of women that transcends age. I had a wonderful experience with my Mentor Liaison, Rocio. I opened up to Rocio about my childhood and upbringing, which were very similar to hers, as well as the vision that I have for my future, and the future impact that I hope to have on others and my community.  Having someone who understands the challenges that I faced growing up and the challenges that I overcame to achieve what I have achieved so far is truly priceless.  Now, I have access to a group of like-minded women and mentors on a daily basis. The program itself is powerful as it defines success in a way that aligns with my values regarding success in all areas of our lives – personal, career, community, etc.  This approach will be vital to helping me achieve my goals and make my vision(s) a reality.  Thank you EWA!

                                               Melinda Yee Franklin, United Airlines

At the beginning of the program:

I learned that there are many wonderfully successful women in the world who are willing to help others.  We had refreshing, positive, discussions that were candid and honest.  I gained new friendships, built trust, and shared experiences with an outstanding group of women. I had been so busy at work that I had not really focused on the weekend prior to my attendance. The experience far exceeded my expectations and gave me confidence to recognize my present circumstances, not be scared of change, and plan a path  forward. Given that I don’t have an accomplished woman mentor in my life, I am thrilled to have my Mentor Liaison help me to develop my plan, to bounce ideas off, open doors, and to give me timely and sage advice. She understands my strengths and struggles as a woman in corporate America.  I am indeed humbled and grateful.

Halfway through the program:

The EWA has been a tremendous experience for me.  I have gained many new insights into my personal and professional lives and have gained a solid group of sisters who will mutually support each other through thick and thin forever.  I am pleased to have made the investment in EWA and look forward to continuing this journey with a deeper understanding of building a well-rounded life for my family and me moving forward into the future.   

                                                                                                    Janelle Bieler, Adecco

At the beginning of the program:

I was blown away by being in the room with such an exceptional group of women and knowing that I would have access to all these minds for counsel and advice! The best part of the retreat was the ability to step out of the craziness of work/family/life and spend dedicated time thinking proactively about my career development and direction. I am very excited about the program and having a mentor to provide perspective outside of my work realm. 

Halfway through the program in a report to the President of her company:
Having a mentor outside the company has been a huge point – different perspective on how other companies handle problems outside of our industry. Plus such a well accomplished group that there is always someone who has great advice to share. Balance of work and family – love that this program focuses on the whole woman. I’m able to reach out to my mentor to not only solicit work advice but also advice on how to balance family, husband, personal time etc. and be better at work because of it. Development for me – outside of being mentored I’ve been able to mentor others in the group which has helped me grow as a leader. Connections across CA has helped build my network. 

Karen Henry, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
The most important deliverable for me from this program is the realization that EWA's mentoring philosophy is holistic.  The program speaks to your present and future, your professional life and your personal life, your body and your spirit.  Better aligning all aspects of a woman's life creates a solid foundation for the sustainable success the program is intended to enable.  I feel incredibly encouraged!  Thank you so much!